[mythtv-users] analog cable capture not working after bad weather

Matt Graham mattiehg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 19:54:40 UTC 2010

I have an HVR-1600 connected to regular analog cable, it also has a antenna
connection for digital terrestrial TV.  The antenna portion is still
working, but ever since a tornado blew through a couple of blocks away last
Thursday, the analog cable capture is just a solid red screen.

The cable signal itself works fine, if I connect it directly to the TV.  So,
I am wondering, did the capture card get fragged, or did some configuration
get clobbered in the power outage.  It would seem unlikely that all other
settings are fine, and only the analog capture config would be wonky.

The competely red screen must be indicative of something,  although I'm not
sure what.  I did a search on the mailing list and did not find any
information that seemed to indicate the cause of the red screen.

If the only thing I lost in the severe weather was a capture card, I
consider myself very lucky.
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