[mythtv-users] Is the hpHDTV 5500 right for me?

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Sat Jan 23 20:56:52 UTC 2010

On 1/23/2010 1:19 PM, Henry Hartley wrote:
> Thanks. The computer is directly under the TV so it will only be adding
> about six feet to the antenna cable run. There's probably that much
> coiled out in the garage and I can shorten it up there if need be.

You probably lose more per split than per ft of attenuation. The idea for an amp is to recover from the splits than the lengths of 75phm coax. But that's ok, there are utilities that come with the pcHDTV-5500 (and 3000, which I have) that you can check signal strength and if it's low, go out and buy an amplified splitter.

> Based on discussion on the pchdtv.com forums, I think I'll go ahead with
> their 5500 card. Apparently it is basically the same as the 3000
> mentioned in the MythTV docs but with "the latest tuner and demod chip
> for better reception especially in city areas." It is also smaller and
> priced at $99 instead of $169.

The pcHDTV-3000 isn't available anymore. They sold out a long time back.
I have a 5500 on order as I'd like to expand my abilities and have a system to test scanning my local ComCast cable.

Anyway - if all you're doing is OTA, then the pcHDTV-5500 is a nice way to go. The video (when reception is good) looks fabulous.


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