[mythtv-users] EDID problem

Claude Gélinas claude at phyto.qc.ca
Sat Jan 23 19:43:40 UTC 2010

Le samedi 23 janvier 2010 10:13:10, MarcT a écrit :
> Is it controled by the video card or the mobo ?
>How long of a time period are we talking about?
>Shut off TV 1 sec later turn back on or shut off, wait 30 mins turn back on?
>Have you tried adding the below to your startup script?
>/usr/bin/xset -dpms
>/usr/bin/xset s off

Yes I have these two line in a startup script in .kde/Autostart/mythtv.sh

I just switch Tv off and immediately on and the video is gone
if it's controled by the card (Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT), it was working Ok 
before I had to change my mobo and upgrade from FC9 to FC12. since then it's 
not working anymore. My mobo is Asus P7P55D with intel i5-750. I'm using the 
same xorg.conf config but I also switch to a newer nvidia driver aka 

is there something that I can set in the bios or should I revert to my older 
Nvidia driver.
Claude Gélinas agr.
Phyto Ressources inc.

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