[mythtv-users] Best option for frontend autostart FC12/Gnome

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Thu Jan 21 17:31:06 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 12:06 PM, steve <networks1 at cox.net> wrote:
> I want to set up auto-login and mythfrontent auto start.  There seem to be a
> lot of options and not much advice for how to choose between them.
> The wiki page for setting up mythtv on fedora suggests editing
> /etc/gdm/custom.conf to auto-login, then using a shell script to start the
> frontend, but it’s for KDE and I can’t find the equivalent for
> ~/.kde/Autostart in Gnome.  Is there one?

These days, I use the gdm auto-login route myself, with gnome
underneath. Simply add mythfrontend to auto-start on login by hitting
up system preferences -> startup applications from the gnome desktop.
(Paths may be slightly different, my laptop is actually running
gnome-shell right now).

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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