[mythtv-users] Default Audio Track for Internal Player

John mythtv at publicemail.us
Mon Jan 18 19:44:59 UTC 2010

I previously used mplayer to play vob files, but have recently switched to the 
Internal player. Is there a similar setting to  -alang or -aid from mplayer to 
select the audio track when playing a movie using the internal player.  A lot 
of my DVD rips contain multiple audio tracks and I would like to set it 
globally so every time a movie is played "EN" is the default track.  If that 
is not possible could it be set per move via the videometadata.  My kids 
aren't going to be able to select the audio track each time they play there 
movies and I like the tighter integration of the Internal player so I'm 
looking to switch over.



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