[mythtv-users] exit to main menu

S2 s2.akira at tin.it
Thu Jan 14 21:07:47 UTC 2010

hello all!
i would like to set a key on my remote to exit myth (but not shutdown the 
computer). to do this i would like to jump to the mainmenu. this works, but 
when i am playing back a video in mythvideo and jump to the mainmenu, the 
window asking me if i would really like to exit pops up.
i like that window, because it asks me if i want to save the current position 
in the video or not, but when i hit the "exit" button i would like to save-
i could send the "enter" key to that window, but i don't know how to detect if 
there is a window (i could hit the "exit" button from any other menu, and 
sending "enter" in that case would not be the right thing).

is there a jump point or an other way to do what i want?


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