[mythtv-users] How to copy 'frontend' portion of mysql database

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jan 9 17:44:15 UTC 2010

On 01/08/2010 08:26 AM, Ronald Frazier wrote:
>> <removed SQL garbage>
>> Again I don't know anything about sql queries or internal mythtv
>> database structures -- I'm just trying to build on your work...
>> Is this right?
> Mostly...you just missed a few fieldnames. host should be hostname,
> and you can remove the data field from the first subquery. Do that and
> it should work.
> There....now I can rest happily knowing I've efficiently used the
> numbering space :)

Or, better, just use the GUI settings to copy the values.  After all, 
100% of the data integrity rules in MythTV are managed by MythTV code.  
The database doesn't help you to do things right.  Therefore, unless you 
know for sure exactly what you're doing and all the requirements on all 
the data you're touching and all the data that references the data 
you're touching, you're likely to create problems.

Since, IMHO, the MythTV data is the most valuable portion of the entire 
system, risking corrupting your data so you don't have to spend 1min 
15sec clicking through the profiles in the settings.

When you factor in all the time of yours--and others--you spent 
discussing this on the list, you've already wasted a /lot/ more time 
than it takes to just use the GUI to set up the profiles.

Mike "It ain't your database--it's Myth's--so don't touch it" Dean

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