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Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
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I have to admit Christopher makes two interesting points...

Should getting a list of book titles be subject to copyright?  I can
understand the book CONTENTS being subject to copyright...and their authors
earning $ for use of their content.  A line has to be drawn somewhere, and
when do show times and names become part of the public domain?  

If Christopher's point is that we have already purchased that information
through subscribing to a newspaper, tv guide, online listings, etc., is
scraping the data more an issue of 'fair use'?  TV listings support
increasing viewership, which ultimately gets its revenue from
advertisements.  If scraping increases viewership, the whole economic model
of TV businesses improves.

An interesting time killer discussion...

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On Friday 26 February 2010 07:58:47 pm Christopher Meredith wrote:

> It's not my intention to quibble unnecessarily, but MythTV is 
> perfectly usable without the copyrightable portions (descriptions). I 
> really don't understand the resistance that always seems to accompany 
> attempts to get simple listings without paying a monthly fee. That's 
> the way things used to be and when SD came out, we were assured that 
> it wasn't a profit-making venture. If this is true, how does it 
> "support the community"?

Oh come on, PLEASE.

There is a difference between making a profit and simply meeting your

I would be more than happy to pay SD several times what they charge. They
are very reasonably priced, and the folks behind it jumped in when the
usefulness of Myth systems was threatened and very quickly made sure a lot
of us continued to get the data we needed.

When someone provides you with something of value, you reciprocate.

Or are you the type who never leaves a tip at a restaurant?
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