[mythtv-users] error with nuvexport and mencoder

Jason Portwood jason at wkrp.com
Tue Feb 23 10:17:51 UTC 2010

When I try to encode a video to xvid with mencoder (latest from SVN) I 
get an error.  In debug mode this is what I get as the only error.

2010-02-22 20:22:12.256 AFD Error: Unknown audio decoding error

I upgraded mencoder because of that error thinking maybe that was my 
problem.  It took upgrading mencoder to get this error otherwise it 
didn't show it.

My mythtv setup doesn't experience any other problems.  I did upgrade 
recently to Mythtv 0.22 using mythbuntu 9.10.  Prior to that upgrade I 
was on the previous mythbuntu (sorry can't remember the version but it 
was just before .22) and I didn't have this problem.

Any ideas?

Thank you


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