[mythtv-users] Videos not available on remote frontend

James Thorpe james at tfxsoft.com
Mon Feb 22 10:08:58 UTC 2010

On 25/01/2010 11:20, James Thorpe wrote:
> I got a chance to try this further again over the weekend - still no 
> luck.  I also tried just putting the videos in the preconfigured 
> directory rather than my own one, but still had the same results - ie 
> visible on the MBE frontend, but not remote ones - and when going in 
> to the remote ones and rescanning, I see the 'Removing File 
> SG(servername) "filename"' message for each of the videos.
> Any ideas where to start debugging?
> Thanks,
> James.

After a bit of a time away from Myth I've been revisiting my outstanding 
issues - this is one of them.  If I scan for videos on the backend (and 
subsequently get them), then do the same on the remote front end, I get 
the above.  Once they're gone and I rescan on the frontend, I can see 
this in the logs:

2010-02-22 10:01:19.787 buildFileList directory = 
2010-02-22 10:01:19.787 MythVideo::ScanVideoDirectory Scanning Group 
2010-02-22 10:01:19.794 buildFileList directory = 
2010-02-22 10:01:19.794 MythVideo::ScanVideoDirectory Scanning Group 

So it appears to be attempting to scan both directories in my storage 
group - it just doesn't find anything.

I'm on mythbuntu 9.10 and 0.22-fixes.  Any help appreciated!


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