[mythtv-users] upgrade Fedora 9 to 12?

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 20 17:11:31 UTC 2010

On 2010-02-16 20:43, Jarod Wilson wrote:
>> Of course a 'normal' kernel can work in that space, so why not an
>> upgrade situation?
> You trimmed the part where I explained the problem here. Your

The ramdisk for a kernel does not need to be so big at all.
We already have a kernel running, we are upgrading, right?
So we can assume we can use all hardware, etc, etc. So don't even need
that new kernel.
We just add a new grub line, we start the same kernel with our special
wahtever as init.

>> /boot is intended to hold a kernel, not mini-installs needed for some
>> upgrade method.
> So don't use it.

Did I say I did?
I am just wondering about the absurd design choices in teh context of so
called 'modern' age.

> ...which doesn't Just Work without user intervention, which is one of
> the primary goals with pre-upgrade, as I understand it. Otherwise,
> you're right back to pretty much doing it by hand as you always have.

When I see what shit happens when I do a manual upgrade, I wonder about
the concflicts being 'solved' by the CD or by teh prupgrade method

>> In upgrade situations we have to deal with historically grown situations
>> so demanding 200+ GB's with the flexibility of a 1980's procedure is not
>> of this time.
> There was an unexpected (by the pre-upgrade authors) hefty increase in
> the size of the anaconda initrd, mostly due to dracut. Shit happens.

Then think of solutions. And do not press the shit onto users.

> The quick future-proofing fix was to save more space for /boot.
> Longer-term, something less clunky might be developed. It is what it
> is right now.

I would have vetoed the whole thing. But users don't count. Fedora 12
was/is buggier than 11 or 10. See my bugzilla frontpage.

Oh well, thanks for your explanation. We'll see what slightly more
'enterprise' solution they think of next time.. (fedora 13!)


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