[mythtv-users] live TV problem

Nikolay Elenkov nick at sun.cims.jp
Sat Feb 20 08:57:48 UTC 2010

On 02/19/10 11:41, Nikolay Elenkov wrote:
> Live TV in mythtv is not working :( Seems that question is asked a lot,
> so I've searched, but couldn't find anything that solves my problem.
> I have a standard 878-based analog tuner card. It is configured properly
> and works fine with kdetv and tvtime. I've added it in mythtvsetup,
> imported the program info and channels with mythfilldatabase and can see
> the program guide and channel numbers. However, when I click 'Watch TV' I
> get only static and later a blue screen. Changing channels doesn't help
> either. I've looked through the backend logs and it seems it is using the
> right device (/dev/video0) and right channels, there are no (apparent?)
> errors in the log.

Then only thing that seems strange is this:

GetChannelData() failed because it could not find channel number 
'NextChannel 0' in DB for source '1'.
ChannelBase(2): IsTunable(Television,NextChannel 0) Failed to find 
channel in DB on input '1'
ChannelBase(2) Error: Setting start channel 'NextChannel 0' failed, and 
we failed to find any suitible channels on any input.

It's not clear if this is an error or not. After that there is this,
which seems correct (there is a channel 10 in the DB).

Channel(/dev/video0): SetChannelByString(10)

Any ideas?

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