[mythtv-users] Beware, I think the avenard trunk repo (at least for jaunty) is broken right now

David Asher asherml at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 21:40:12 UTC 2010

On Feb 8, 2010, at 8:17 AM, Ian Oliver wrote:

> In article <E33FE958-77D7-4C9E-9D63-7C702E9640E1 at gmail.com>, David  
> Asher
> wrote:
>> You're in luck, I don't think there was a schema change between 23454
>> and 23467 (the latest version of the main packages).
>> Make sure to back up your database just in case.
> Fortunately, it was just a frontend that I upgraded.
> Ian

Well, it doesn't matter anymore since you can just use the repo again  
to upgrade normally, but...

Even though it was just a frontend, you STILL would want to back up  
your database since starting the frontend can initiate a DB upgrade on  
the backend.

At least I think so.  It might prompt you before doing it now, I don't  


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