[mythtv-users] Power recording rule for night time preference

Tom Furie tom at furie.org.uk
Mon Feb 8 20:47:15 UTC 2010

On Mon, Feb 08, 2010 at 09:13:40PM +0100, Johan wrote:

> Since the price of electricity here is quite high (about 0.2$ per kWh)  
> and about 60% of that during nights and weekends I was wondering if I  
> could force MythTV to record preferably shows at night time, without  
> excluding those at daytime.
> Forcing the recording time to 7PM to 7AM excludes daytime showings.
> This is the behavior I would like to have:
> If the show is aired during daytime, but within X amount of days (or  
> available listing days) also at nighttime then do not record the daytime  
> showing. Many shows are repeated during night time.

My first guess would be to set up two rules. One for night-time
showings, with a high priority, the other for day-time showings, with a
lower priority.


New customers only.
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