[mythtv-users] Power recording rule for night time preference

Johan johan.vanderkolk at dommel.be
Tue Feb 9 19:29:19 UTC 2010

Tom Furie wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 08, 2010 at 09:13:40PM +0100, Johan wrote:
>> Since the price of electricity here is quite high (about 0.2$ per kWh)  
>> and about 60% of that during nights and weekends I was wondering if I  
>> could force MythTV to record preferably shows at night time, without  
>> excluding those at daytime.
>> Forcing the recording time to 7PM to 7AM excludes daytime showings.
>> This is the behavior I would like to have:
>> If the show is aired during daytime, but within X amount of days (or  
>> available listing days) also at nighttime then do not record the daytime  
>> showing. Many shows are repeated during night time.
> My first guess would be to set up two rules. One for night-time
> showings, with a high priority, the other for day-time showings, with a
> lower priority.
> Cheers,
> Tom
Thanks, if that works it was too simple. I assumed priorities would only 
come into effect if there was a conflict.

Now that I'm trying to edit the power search/recording rule I'm running 
in to all kinds of problems. Nothing to do with the rules, but with the 
edit box.

After a bit of editing my cursor is not near the character I am typing 
(10 characters away), if I paste the example by pressing the OK key on 
my remote (can someone update the 
docs..http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-12.html the "add this 
example" key does not exist anymore) the text is not visible in the box, 
or sometimes it is, but I can't get to the second line to edit. The 
cursor key and the enter key move to the next field not to the next line 
in the edit box.

Even though the text is invisible, the rule tests ok. The text must be 
somewhere outside the screen. (Occasionally I see half a character, 
outside the box on the far lefthand side of the screen).

Short queries seem to appear correct, but the ones that stretch over 
multiple lines have those issues.

What is the trick here ?


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