[mythtv-users] testing impact of "No. of recordings to keep" option

Tom Metro tmetro+mythtv-users at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 19:23:13 UTC 2010

On a MythTV 0.21 installation I have two recording rules for the same 
show, one recoding new episodes off of one channel, and another 
recording reruns off of another channel. I'd like to use the "No. of 
recordings to keep" option to limit the number of reruns that get 
recorded, but my concern is that the rule will also get applied to the 
new episodes.

I've seen unexpected behavior from the "No. of recordings to keep" 
feature in the past. For example, my expectation was that it merely 
blocked future recordings, if the specified count was exceeded. I came 
to learn that in actuality it will expire all recordings in excess of 
the count. (And I'm still not sure what triggers the expiration. Is it 
when the next show matching the recording rule gets recorded, or when 
space runs low?)

What I don't know is how specific that expiration rule is, and whether 
it will take into account the channel number. Does anyone know? (Short 
of reverse engineering the code.)

If not, is there any way to safely test this, besides of using nuvexport 
to backup the video and meta data?


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