[mythtv-users] Cannot grab dvb-t EIT data

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 16:48:53 UTC 2010

2010/2/7 Yianni Vidalis <yiannividalis at hotmail.com>:
> Yes, I am aware of the scanning bug (no networkid and transportid). I actually corrected manually the relevant entries using phpMyAdmin for some dvb-S transponders.
> The problem is that here (in Greece, and I don't live in Athens) I cannot find the relevant entries, although they have been inserted during scan.
> This is an export of the relevant sql entries:
> INSERT INTO `dtv_multiplex` (`mplexid`, `sourceid`, `transportid`, `networkid`, `frequency`, `inversion`, `symbolrate`, `fec`, `polarity`, `modulation`, `bandwidth`, `lp_code_rate`, `transmission_mode`, `guard_interval`, `visible`, `constellation`, `hierarchy`, `hp_code_rate`, `mod_sys`, `rolloff`, `sistandard`, `serviceversion`, `updatetimestamp`, `default_authority`) VALUES
> (87, 2, 1, 65330, 730000000, 'a', 0, 'auto', 'v', 'auto', '8', 'auto', 'a', 'auto', 0, 'auto', 'n', 'auto', NULL, NULL, 'dvb', 33, '2009-08-06 18:28:56', '');
> I can get picture, all right, but no EIT data.

Do the channels on the EIT-based source have their 'useonairguide' flags set?

For EIT to work, the config needs:

i) full DVB multiplex settings with associated set(s) of EIT-enabled channels
ii) an EIT-enabled video source (Use transmitted guide only)
iii) EIT enabled channels on that video source (useonairguide flag)
iv) for EIT scanning to start whenever the system is idle, active EIT
collection must be enabled. Passive EIT collection can occur during
recordings and LiveTV sessions only

Addiing 'channel,eit,siparser' logging to the mythbackend logfile may
also aid in debugging the problem.


Nick Morrott

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