[mythtv-users] Cannot grab dvb-t EIT data

Yianni Vidalis yiannividalis at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 7 14:12:11 UTC 2010

Yes, I am aware of the scanning bug (no networkid and transportid). I actually corrected manually the relevant entries using phpMyAdmin for some dvb-S transponders. 

The problem is that here (in Greece, and I don't live in Athens) I cannot find the relevant entries, although they have been inserted during scan.

This is an export of the relevant sql entries:

INSERT INTO `dtv_multiplex` (`mplexid`, `sourceid`, `transportid`, `networkid`, `frequency`, `inversion`, `symbolrate`, `fec`, `polarity`, `modulation`, `bandwidth`, `lp_code_rate`, `transmission_mode`, `guard_interval`, `visible`, `constellation`, `hierarchy`, `hp_code_rate`, `mod_sys`, `rolloff`, `sistandard`, `serviceversion`, `updatetimestamp`, `default_authority`) VALUES
(87, 2, 1, 65330, 730000000, 'a', 0, 'auto', 'v', 'auto', '8', 'auto', 'a', 'auto', 0, 'auto', 'n', 'auto', NULL, NULL, 'dvb', 33, '2009-08-06 18:28:56', '');

I can get picture, all right, but no EIT data. 
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