[mythtv-users] Wireless HD success

Naoyuki Tai ntai at smartfruit.com
Wed Feb 3 19:44:01 UTC 2010

> There was discussion earlier about running FEs wirelessly.
> I bought a pair of wireless N routers and a bridge (and crossed my fingers)
> in an attempt to connect my MacBook Pro FE to my Mythbuntu box in the
> basement without doing any drilling. At distances of less than 25 feet I can
> stream HD programs without issue. Playback will stutter if Iım on the second
> story and network traffic is heavy.
> That said, if my main TV wasnıt connected to the backend Iıd definitely wire
> the connection for reliability.
> Adam

On MacBook, unless a microwave is going on, I can get HD stream fine
with DD-WRTed Linksys WRT  g router.

Lately, I noticed the WIRED Gigabit - 100baseT hub (Linksys g router) --
Gigabit switch -- Gigabit Mac, cannot watch HD stream. There is some
network hardware glitch between Linksys g router and the gigabit switch
(probably not so adequate wiring, but could be the switch needs
something changed) which makes the latency into > 200ms range while
streaming HD stream, and I cannot watch HD on wired network.
Ironic and bummer, and planning to trouble shoot the problem.

Naoyuki "Tai" Tai
ntai a t smartfruit d o t com

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