[mythtv-users] IR working but HD-PVR crashing

Kaushik Mallick kmallick2000 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 3 06:40:13 UTC 2010

OK, some progress finally!

Just for sanity check I switched the RCA plug for the blaster 
from hole #1 to hole #2 on the back of the MCE USB transceiver. 
And voila! The IR bug now flashes with the irsend command!

But I still cannot get my STB (a Motorola DCH3200) to respond 
to the IR blaster. I know the spot where the IR eye is on the 
DCH3200 (right and top of the Ch+) key as I have had success with 
blasting using the blaster on the HD-PVR. Therefore I am pretty 
confident that I have my IR bug affixed to the correct position on the STB. 
Just for checking and I moved around the IR bug in that area, but no luck!

In other words, my channel change script doesn't work quite yet.

Therefore could it be that the codes in the lircd.conf file for DCH3200 I 
downloaded from:


is not correct? 

Does anybody else has a different lircd.conf file that can blast a 
Motorola DCH3200 STB box?

If not, how can I generate one?

I know that the codes I had used for HD-PVR worked and the 
DCH3200 responded nicely to blasting before!

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