[mythtv-users] Firewire & RNG110, Channel Scanner, Channel changing

Aron Schatz aronschatz at aselabs.com
Mon Feb 1 18:16:37 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

I have some nagging issues. I'm setting up a new master backend (with 
frontend) with Mythbuntu 9.10. I'm using Comcast (NJ, Verona line up).

Using the channel scanner, the scanner finds a whole bunch of clear QAM 
channels (on QAM-64 and QAM-256), but since there is no channel data, 
MythTV asks me to fill out what channel numbers for every unknown 
channel. There are about 100 channels and this is pretty annoying to do 
manually. Is there a way to have MythTV just fill out a generic channel 
number itself (like 107.4 or something). It is tiring sitting there and 
assigning channel numbers in the scanner only to have to change them 
later (when the correct number is found from watching the channel). 
MythTV used to just assign a number automatically, but it seemed this 
got changed in this build.

The second issue is watching LiveTV. When MythTV encounters a bad 
channel (where it can't tune, or other problems), it throws you back to 
the menu and gives an error. This shouldn't happen, it should give you 
an error and stay watching the previous channel. After the channel 
errors out, you are stuck and can't watch LiveTV anymore without going 
into the setup and removing the channel and telling the LiveTV to not 
start at that channel. If a channel isn't tunable, MythTV shouldn't 
start LiveTV with it, it should only use the last known good channel. 
This would be a big time fix for new setups and bad channels.

The third thing is that I have a new RNG110 HDTV box that has working 
Firewire (says on the diag page of the box). I've used two different 
motherboards and a VIA firewire card (known working with a Firewire hard 
drive), but the cable box just isn't detected by anything. It might be 
the cable, but I doubt that (I'll get another to try). Everytime I run 
plugreport, it only list node 0 which is nothing. Any suggestions on 
this one?

Ohh, I know that scte65scan is supposed to work for Comcast users, but 
when I run it it gives "parse_cds:734: FATAL: CDS too big; noncompliant 
datastream?" What does this error mean and how can I get the PSIP data 
so I don't need to manually map channels?

Thanks everyone, MythTV is a great project. Hopefully we'll continue to 
be able to use it without finding loopholes with the content we purchase.


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