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> On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 1:28 PM, R. G. Newbury  
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> On 01/31/2010 09:31 AM, Misc Things wrote:
> cable companies are just pissing me off more and
> more i look into this area..
> Welcome to the real world. Most of us feel that way too!
> anyway, so the key piece in your explanation is - one recording per
> tuner, one play back - per tuner.
> Actually, one recording OR live session per tuner. Play back of  
> recorded content is completely separate from the recording (except  
> for live tv sessions). After a while, most of us don't watch 'live- 
> tv' at all, except maybe for the weather. It's all recorded content.
> And the box if i were to hook it up
> using suggested method - is a source of a single channel.
>  lovely (sarcastically)
> anyway around this ?
> No. Unfortunately. The cheap answer is 'put up an antenna' which as  
> you have seen may actually not work. It depends upon where you live.  
> Then again, you can always move..that would be cheap!!!
> Geoff
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> well i'm in NYmetor ( 10miles from Manhattan), so i (foolishly)  
> expected the reception to be at least good. but non at all? yeah...  
> (frustrated).
> I'll check the sites - maybe i got a bad antenna. I just picked up  
> "HDTV/FM HD radio antenna" from radioshack by radioshack. didnot do  
> any research - just wanted to check.
> I read a bit around and it seems that they should allow the fireware  
> connection. Does this help me in any form or shape ?

Assuming you have a reasonably direct view to Manhatton you should get  
a bunch of channels even with a cheap radioshack antenna. My first  
guess would be a setup problem. Not high enough, pointed the wrong  
way, wrong coax cable killing the signal, wrong input settings on the  
tv you were  testing on... You didn't feed the antenna coax into the  
settopbox by mistake? Or leave the tv set for cable input?
I got 4 digital channels in my office, ground floor of a concrete +  
steel frame building with the 5 inch omni directional whip antenna  
which came with my HVR-950, 15 miles from the transmitter, so you  
should get something.
Please give some more details about how you tested the antenna with  
your tv (and how you connected it).

Regarding FireWire, the FCC mandates that you should have this. This  
list is archived at gossamer-threads. Search the list archive for  
'FCC' and 'CFR' for a reference.
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