[mythtv-users] Neither channel scan nor import of channels.conf working

Thomas Koeller thomas at koeller.dyndns.org
Thu Dec 30 13:04:23 UTC 2010


I am currently struggling with mythtv on a freshly installed Ubuntu
10.10 system. My TV-Card is a TERRATEC Cinergy S2 PCI HD.

The problems I am encountering are exactly the ones described in
Neither does the channel scan work, nor does importing an externally
generated channels.conf file. Unfortunately, the thread ceases at some
point without arriving at a solution.

In addition to what the originator of the above thread tried, I also
attempted the 'scan of all existing transports' method. Since there are
no transports, I navigated to 'Channel Editor/Edit Transports' and hit
'(New Transport)', but that did not do anything at all beyond flashing
the screen once.

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