[mythtv-users] Recording every Movie does not work - Says it will record Earlier

agraham agraham at g-b.net
Tue Dec 28 10:21:16 UTC 2010


I'm using v0.24-90-(hex-blah), Branch fixes/0.24 (from Github)

I have a custom record power search which states:

program.category = 'Movie'

So that it records every movie on every channel, unless already recorded.

This used to work in .21, but now all the movies are saying they will 
record at an "Earlier Time", i.e. even the first entry.

I've run "optimize_mythdb.pl" and deleted/added all my input cards etc.. 
but with the same results.

I have 12 tuners (with a patched mythtv to allow 20 virtual tuners per 
physical), so its not for the lack of tuners.

I do have about 2000 recordings and some movies do already exist, but 
not every one of them!

Only movies booked manually actually record.

It seems like a bug, any one else seeing this?

What am I doing wrong? or what has changed in .24



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