[mythtv-users] Getting Auto-Letterbox to work on NVIDIA ION

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 22:04:04 UTC 2010


One wart I found with using the NVIDIA ION hardware decoder is that
auto-sizing (for instance to trim a letter-box program) doesn't work -
its because the auto-letter box detection is only done by the software

With the assumption that your tv is 16:9, I fixed this by adding an
extra playback profile VDPAU Letterbox with:
   res>=0 720 -> vdpau & vdpau
   res> 0 0 -> ffmpeg & vdpau
so that the s/w decoder, which will auto-trim the letterbox, was used
on analog (and low-res) programs and hardware on anything in
higher-res digital.  It works on the assumption that only old
low-resolution programs will need letterboxing and typical ION h/w has
enough grunt of decoding low res programs.

Adding this to the default VDPAU set might be helpful.


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