[mythtv-users] Build a robust FE - irritated with IONs

Keith Edmunds kae at midnighthax.com
Thu Dec 23 23:57:29 UTC 2010

On Thu, 23 Dec 2010 15:53:12 -0600, mythtv at derdev.com said:

> So my gripes as OP were with having audio sync problems on VDPAU Normal 
>  - seems like if the gear was up to the task, it wouldn't be an issue.  
>  Seems to arise with recorded TV content rather than DVDs/rips.  But 
>  that's the heart of my point, I'm tired of accepting lesser settings, 
>  (seeing some visible artifacts), audio sync

Amen to all that. I have an ION330HT, dedicated FE only, and I get visible
artefacts (I think it's called "combing"), loss of audio sync, some
stuttering with subtitles (not quite so bad with the latest 0.24-fixes).

But I chose an FE that can't deliver a high quality, sound-sync'd display
from broadcast media, which is my fault. I downloaded a 1080p m2ts file,
and that plays beautifully (albeit no subtitles to confuse).

I have noticed that the FE system load on playback is modest (well below
0.5), so I don't think this is a CPU issue; as a previous poster
speculated, perhaps there's too much expectation on the GPU (and it is
known that it can't handle the "VDPAU High Quality" profile).

So maybe an ION board with a G220 would be a good solution? That's what
I'm currently looking at. I have a G220 (in another system, not
currently a Myth system), and I intend to do some comparisons to see if it
is as close to perfect as I want. Then maybe a low-profile G220 with an ION
motherboard, all crammed into an Antec ISK 300-150 case (not even sure if
it will fit). Oh, and some kind of USB IR receiver.

But, bottom line, the OP could have been me. Please keep us updated with
the decisions you make: I, for one, am following keenly.

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