[mythtv-users] Build a robust FE - irritated with IONs

Marc Tousignant myrdhn at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 23:09:12 UTC 2010

 So my gripes as OP were with having audio sync problems on VDPAU Normal 
 - seems like if the gear was up to the task, it wouldn't be an issue.  
 Seems to arise with recorded TV content rather than DVDs/rips.  But 
 that's the heart of my point, I'm tired of accepting lesser settings, 
 (seeing some visible artifacts), audio sync, with VDPAU and SPDIF 
 passthru on my IONs.  I mean honestly, with VDPAU and SPDIF passthru (I 
 disabled upconverting) you'd expect this playback to kick ass.  Instead, 
 I visit my bro-in-law's house with Comcast HD and DVR and it makes my 
 kit's performance look flawed.

 PLAYER, OR ANYONE's EFFORT ON DEVELOPMENT (so please don't go there).  I 
 love Myth and what it allows me to do.  I just want the PAYOFF in 
 certain areas and I've concluded a major defect in my planning was 
 certain hardware choices.

 My next machine/TV to build (PC on hand) will be a Revo with the ION GT 
 218 hardware.  Am I setup for more disappointment?


And that's what I don't understand. I just verified again. I'm running 0.24
fixes with VDPAU Normal, no modifications.
I'm using an IONITX-C with 1 stick of 2GB ram (DDR2-800), no HDD, and no
fans (convection cooled case).
I'm was watching the celts vs the 76ers on Comcast sports net with no
tearing and no audio sync issues. And my config is begging for it IMO.
CableBox > HDPVR > slave backend on ATOM/ION > 1GB connection > core2quad
master backend > Writing to hardware RAID volume > Reading from hardware
RAID volume > 1GB connection > frontend on same ATOM/ION > Video is 1080i
h264 out through ION using VDPAU Normal connected to TV using HDMI/audio is
AC3 passthrough via spdif/toslink to tuner.
I also checked out some college football coverage on a news station talking
about Ohio's suspensions where they played some game footage.
Comcast sports net is getting ready for a Bruins game at 7 tonight.
I also watched a couple of recorded shows today like NCIS and CSI without
any of the reported audio sync issues. These were recorded with an HD-5000
(Air2PC 5th Gen)

Dave, where are you from and what station are you watching/recording from
when you see these issues? 


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