[mythtv-users] No OpenGL Playback with 0.24 on OS X?

Eric Holt ericsh at wvcom.net
Thu Dec 23 22:16:52 UTC 2010

Hey Myth crowd... Been away from the list for a while, as all in our Myth
setup was working great.  Not knowing well enough to leave things be, I
decided to use my winter break from college to upgrade to 0.24.  It's gone
about 99% perfectly fine, except for one issue.

My backend is on Mythbuntu connected via VGA to a 720p TV.  All content
plays perfectly.

The frontend, however, is a Late 2009 Mac Mini running the latest OS X build
from the Sourceforge site.  The Mini is connected to a 1080p TV via mini
display-port adapter to HDMI.  We are currently running at 1080p resolution,
though we've also tried 900p and 720p as well.

The issue is a weird one.  720p OTA broadcast content plays ever so slightly
jerky, while 1080i broadcast content plays fine.  Weird, right?  We've tried
pretty much every combination of playback profiles, deinterlacers, decoders,
etc ... and have not yet been able to get the 720p content as smooth as we
had before.

The kicker, being -- my partner says that under 0.23, he had the same issue,
but fixed it by using OpenGL for 720p content.  However, we're unable to do
that in 0.24, as selecting OpenGL causes a black (sometimes white) screen
with no video playback -- although we do hear audio.

The PAF (partner approval factor) has taken a hit with this one, as the
slightly jerky nature of the 720p content is more noticeable to him than
I...and I might have to end up reverting us back to 0.23.  Unless, of
course, one of the oh-so-brilliant minds on this list has an idea?

Of note, I looked through a verbose log with 'playback' logging, and see
absolutely nothing that jumps out at us regarding OpenGL.  I can and will
provide any specific logging that might help with this, if needed.

Thanks in advance...
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