[mythtv-users] (solved) jumpy mouse in mythgame caused by unclutter

John-Marc Chandonia jmc at dolorespark.org
Thu Dec 23 22:00:06 UTC 2010


    I spent several hours debugging a mouse/trackball problem in
mythgame (MAME) so I thought I'd post the solution here so others can
find it.

    The problem was that games that use a trackball or mouse (e.g.,
centipede) had a "jumpy" cursor within MAME.  If I moved the cursor a
little bit in any direction and then stopped moving, the cursor would
then jump back to near where it started.  This didn't happen when
using the trackball to move the mouse pointer around on a desktop, so
it looked like a MAME bug.  Lots of searching implies that this is a
problem with MAME simultaneously detecting the controller as both a
mouse and a joystick, but that was a total red herring in this case.

    The problem turned out to be the "unclutter" program, which many
people have recommended for use with mythtv because it hides the mouse
cursor.  I installed it a long time ago to hide the cursor when
running an external video player.  With newer versions of mythtv, I
just use the internal player, so I no longer need unclutter.  When I
removed it, everything works perfectly.

John-Marc Chandonia (jmc at dolorespark.org)
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