[mythtv-users] HD-PVR Priming Script?

Marc Tousignant myrdhn at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 19:07:25 UTC 2010

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Aside from my ongoing RBlaster woes, my new HD-PVR routinely (read: at 
least twice a day during heavy use) fails. By this I mean that stopping 
watching live TV in myth doesn't stop the HD-PVR - the blue light on top 
remains on, and myth can no longer use that input thereafter. Likewise, 
live TV fails a couple of times a day with an error message along the 
lines of "video failed - too many buffer overruns". The HD-PVR stays 
lit. If I manually turn the HD-PVR off and then on, myth often doesn't 
recognize it - the backend gives an error that there are no inputs 
attached. As near as I can figure out, my entire system requires a 
reboot at this point in order for the HD-PVR to work (ie I've tried 
removing the capture card in mythtv-setup and replacing it, which does 
not work, etc.).

What I'm wondering is: would it be possible to write a script which 
tests the HD-PVR and, on a bad result, power cycles it or, if necessary, 
restarts the machine after a suitable warning and delay? Something like: 
a minute prior to a scheduled recording, attempt a 2 second recording 
and then check the file size. If >0, OK else power cycle the unit. I 
have no idea how to actually do this; nor do I know whether it is 
possible to trigger a power cycle or reset of the HD-PVR via 
instructions over the USB cable. I just got to thinking about this 
because I've used firewire for four years with excellent results, and if 
I recall, the firewire capture code includes a priming script that makes 
sure a solid connection is established, and I thought something similar 
might be possible with the HD-PVR.

Man, the HD-PVR makes me yearn, desperately, for the days of my firewire 


Kind regards,



I've not seen or heard of this yet. I have an HDPVR as well and I
occasionally have to restart it, maybe once a month, when it gets out of
sync with myth and the cablebox. When this happens it trys to record/watch
live and fails to get a signal fast enough for myth and the backend fails
the tuner. At this point I turn off and on the hdpvr and have to restart the
backend on the machine it is connected to.
A script would be a nice idea to fix certain things. Wish there was some way
we could trigger a reboot of the hdpvr then I could setup said script to
reboot and restart the backend for me.


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