[mythtv-users] Storage Groups and Subtitles

Andy mizeraka at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 08:44:09 UTC 2010

> From: Raymond Wagner <raymond at wagnerrp.com>
> On 12/17/2010 10:25, Andy wrote:
> > 1. mythvideo will not display subtitles for mp4
> videos.  I can get the 
> > same mp4 video to display subtitles in VLC. 
> These mp4 files are 
> > created with handbrake to back up DVDs that I
> own.  I was under the 
> > impression that mythvideo in 0.24 would correct this
> problem.  Did I 
> > miss something or was I misinformed?
> MythTV will play any text subtitles with the same filename
> and path, but 
> with an '.srt' extension.  This is supported for both
> locally accessed 
> files and those accessed over storage groups. I am unaware
> of the state 
> of support for subtitles embedded in mp4 containers.

Thank you, Ray.  I have not been running it with a separate .srt file.  It is embedded.  And your point in response to my second question is valid... I have been ripping the CC text into the .mp4 files, so it is technically not subtitles.  Is the closed captioning in my .mp4 files not display-able with the internal player?
> > 2. I cannot change the subtitle font in
> mythvideo.  While the white is 
> > better than the yellow, the font is still not
> ideal.  Changing the 
> > font under Playback OSD only seems to change the
> closed captioning 
> > font in TV (live or recorded) but not the subtitle
> font in mythvideo.  
> > Is there a way to change the subtitle font in 0.24?
> When you rip subtitles from a DVD, either you get the
> bitmapped 
> subtitles directly, or you run OCR software (which includes
> some time 
> consuming training) to covert the subtitles to text. 
> Bitmapped 
> subtitles are... bitmaps, images.  You cannot change
> the font or color.  
> If you have text subtitles without running OCR, then that
> means you have 
> ripped out the closed caption feed, which is really
> something entirely 
> different from subtitles.

You are right, I have been ripping the closed caption text.   I think I got a little confused because I still have some .vob files floating around from when I was using MTD to make 'perfect' copies of the movies that I own.  THOSE files have subtitles; the color changed from yellow to white with the upgrade from 0.23 to 0.24, but the font remains difficult to read.  Is that changeable? because the color seems to be changeable.

This is a moot point with my .mp4 files because the internal player can't display them anyway.

> > 3. I linked my video files directly to my remote
> frontend using SMB 
> > fileshares so that I can use VLC to correctly display
> subtitles with 
> > adjustable fonts.  When I disable storage groups,
> I can view my videos 
> > on the frontend, but I cannot view my videos in
> mythweb.  When I 
> > re-enable storage groups, I have 2 of every video (one
> that will play 
> > in VLC and one that will not).  I have tried to
> mark the "storage 
> > group" version as non-browsable, but they all still
> show up.  Is there 
> > a solution to this? 
> MythVideo has been migrating over to storage groups for the
> last three 
> revision.  Currently, MythWeb and the Python bindings
> only support 
> MythVideo content over storage groups.  They cannot be
> used with local 
> content.  External players cannot be used with storage
> group content, 
> because external players do not know how to process myth://
> URIs.
> Since MythTV 0.23, MythVideo uses hashes to uniquely
> identify videos.  
> It is not possible for a video to exist twice in the
> database.  The only 
> possible way you could have duplicate entries is if you got
> yourself 
> into Browse mode, in which case you are browsing the
> defined video paths 
> directly, rather than working off the scanned media
> library.

I think I wound up with 2 copies because I was seeing the storage group, and the SMB shares.  I was using gallery view and browse view, but I would always see two copies.  I don't think it existed in the database twice I think it linked to the same file twice.  Both "copies" (links is probably more accurate) are deleted when I delete one in the mythvideo interface.  Marking the one copy non browsable didn't make it non-browsable until I filtered the display.


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