[mythtv-users] .24 upgrade made ABC24 and SBSHD unwatchable

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Sun Dec 19 04:36:22 UTC 2010

Top posting for brevity, please excuse:
vdpaubuffersize=32  fixed the issue.  Unsure why it wasn't required
before but is now, but it's all good :)

On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 3:27 PM, Bill Williamson <bill at bbqninja.com> wrote:
> System information:
> -all machines ubuntu 10.04.1
> -using JYA repository
> -seperate front and back end
> -nvidia Geforce 9500GT 1024mb
> -nvidia drivers 260.19.29 (nvidia-settings confirms it is using them,
> so it's not the "260 dropped some video cards" issue)
> -vdpau full profile (I have tested the other VDPAU profiles (normal
> and slim) with the exact same results)
> I had held back mythtv packages (and thus was still on .23) until
> yesterday, when I decided to upgrade.  All of the new changes look
> awesome (especially how easy audio setup is now!) which I'm thankful
> for.  However, the ONLY change I made to my system was mythtv.
> Before all channels worked perfectly.  Now both ABCNews24 (HD channel)
> and SBSHD stutter almost exactly once per second.  This is on
> recordings AND livetv.  Pausing/replaying does not help.
> The log (when running mythfrontend command line) is filled with:
> Player(0): Waited 100ms for video buffers AALAAAAAaAAAAAAAA
> A really interesting note is that OneHD is still perfect (and is
> higher bitrate AND is 1080i, so it should be more work than ABC news
> 24), and playing back HD stuff via mythvideo is also perfect.
> I copied the video file to the frontend and mplayer plays it fine, no
> skipping at all, using VDPAU.
> I can provide a snippet of an hour recording upon request, just tell
> me where to put it.
> Any ideas?

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