[mythtv-users] .24 upgrade made ABC24 and SBSHD unwatchable

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Sun Dec 19 04:27:35 UTC 2010

System information:
-all machines ubuntu 10.04.1
-using JYA repository
-seperate front and back end
-nvidia Geforce 9500GT 1024mb
-nvidia drivers 260.19.29 (nvidia-settings confirms it is using them,
so it's not the "260 dropped some video cards" issue)
-vdpau full profile (I have tested the other VDPAU profiles (normal
and slim) with the exact same results)

I had held back mythtv packages (and thus was still on .23) until
yesterday, when I decided to upgrade.  All of the new changes look
awesome (especially how easy audio setup is now!) which I'm thankful
for.  However, the ONLY change I made to my system was mythtv.

Before all channels worked perfectly.  Now both ABCNews24 (HD channel)
and SBSHD stutter almost exactly once per second.  This is on
recordings AND livetv.  Pausing/replaying does not help.

The log (when running mythfrontend command line) is filled with:
Player(0): Waited 100ms for video buffers AALAAAAAaAAAAAAAA

A really interesting note is that OneHD is still perfect (and is
higher bitrate AND is 1080i, so it should be more work than ABC news
24), and playing back HD stuff via mythvideo is also perfect.

I copied the video file to the frontend and mplayer plays it fine, no
skipping at all, using VDPAU.

I can provide a snippet of an hour recording upon request, just tell
me where to put it.

Any ideas?

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