[mythtv-users] MythVideo - Automatic Scan Problem - 0.24-fixes/r27420

agraham agraham at g-b.net
Sun Dec 19 01:49:16 UTC 2010

>> Ahh, I understand now, I never knew about the thetvdb.com. I assume I'll
>> still have to manually clear all metadata manually now and start
>> renaming files.
> To avoid doing that you could use a trick mentioned on this list now and
> again.
> Just move the video files out of the storage group (or make it
> unreadable by mythbackend user etc) and re-scan.  Myth won't find the
> videos any more and so the metadata for those videos will be removed
> from the database without resorting to editing the database yourself or
> many hours of repetitive menu options.
> You can then move the videos back (taking care to use the correct naming
> convention for TV series this time) and re-scan and it will retrieve the
> metadata for you.

Thanks, this is a great idea :) - saving me lots of time.

> Beware though the TV episode metadata fetching is done by looking up the
> season/episode *number*.  It ignores the actual subtitle I believe.
> Therefore if episode number order does not match original air-date order
> used by thetvdb.com then it may get the data for the wrong episode.

My naming scheme is now for example:
"/mythtv/videos/The X-Files/Season 1/01 Pilot.mpg"

This somewhat works in that the correct Title, Subtitle, Series # and 
Episode # are in the database, the external metadata from thetvdb.com 
does not automatically download, but if I hit the "w" key, it seems to 
then grab it?


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