[mythtv-users] Advice on re-doing my channels/capture cards

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 19:33:14 UTC 2010

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 6:26 PM, Harry Devine <lifter89 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Recently, Comcast added new HD channels to my lineup (which are actually the
> same channels I had, but they grouped them better now; the originals are
> still available, but I know at some point, they'll go away).  I can only see
> them via the HD-PVR, which is no big deal.  I was thinking that since I just
> put 0.24 on my system, it might be worth re-doing the capture cards and
> channel lineup.  But I'd like some advice on if my approach is worth it.
> I have the HD-PVR, an HDHR, and a pcHDTV-5500 card.  I can't get anything on
> the analog portion of the pcHDTV card without a converter box due to the
> "enhancements" (cough, cough), so I will have OTA channels on the pcHDTV
> card as well as the HDHR.  I know that I can do the "fetch channels from
> listing source" deal for the HD-PVR.
> My issue/question comes with the scanning: When I scan for channels on one
> of the cards, I use QAM-256 and get channels.  I get a lot of boxes that
> come up that say "Found xx MPEG channels" with options to add manually, or
> add them all automatically.  But they are the digital streams (like 79.1,
> etc.), so I'm not sure what they are yet.  What muddies the water in my head
> is that, after I add the channels, I'd like to number them according to the
> card they're available on.  For example: my local ABC HD affiliate is
> channel 231.  So I'd like to have the Myth channel be 1231 for the pcHDTV
> card, 2231 for the HDHR-0, 3231 for the HDHR-1, and 4231 for the HD-PVR.  I
> think that'll make scheduling easier.
> Should I do this process 1 card at a time?  Do the pcHDTV card and video
> source, see what I have, get rid of the crap I don't care about, and
> re-number the channels, then move onto the HDHR, them lastly the HD-PVR?  Or
> does anyone have any better ideas?

I recently did the same, for the same Comcast reshuffle reason. I have
two PCI QAM tuners and an HDPVR as well. For the QAM tuners Myth was
able to pick out the channel information so while the channel # was
wrong it knew what station the channel was, but it sounds like this
did not occur for you?

First, do you really need to  have each "version" of the same channel
have a different channel number? This doesn't buy anything as far as
Myth's scheduling goes. Your better off using the channel or tuner
recording priority values.

Also, since all your QAM tuners should be using the same source, you
can scan on just one of them, make the changes to that sources listing
and then the rest of the tuners connected to that source will see the

as for figuring out the channels themselves, you can either use the
frontend channel editor (which honestly has never worked for me other
than entering in the XMLTVID from my schedules direct listing) or just
go into live TV, switch to the tuner with the new channels, go through
the channels it found, figure out what they are and then use mythweb's
channel editor or phpmyadmin to tell Myth what the xmltvid and channel
number should be. Then run a mythfilldatabase with the

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