[mythtv-users] ease of [clear qam] channel scanning

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Thu Dec 16 16:41:11 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-12-16 at 08:28 -0800, Robert McNamara wrote: 
> Because your TV has to be concerned with one television standard.
> Yours.  Myth has to be concerned with every television standard, some
> of which overlap in various locales.

Couldn't the channel scanner start with "where are you?" and give a list
of locations for the various standards?  i.e. I am in Canada so surely I
could just choose Canada and then scanning could be made as simple and
intuitive as my TV, yes?

> This part could be better.  We've opted not to rewrite the Qt-style
> scanner interface in favor of the complete mythtv-setup rewrite, thus
> until that is done, this is what you get.  (for free, I hasten to add)

Yeah, free.  I get it.  I'm just trying to relay my frustrations and
confusion as an
only-somewhat-technical-with-regard-to-broadcast-standards user.

> Easier, maybe, as easy as your TV, no.

Once you know where you are scanning in, why not?

> I don't suppose this e-mail comes with any intention on your part to
> actually work on scanner usability?

I'm afraid not.  But does that mean that you are not interested in the
experience of the common user, so as to make the software better?

> I hope that you don't think that
> it just hasn't occurred to us that some part of myth, the scanner
> included, are unintuitive or hard to use.

No, but what I was considering was that like much FOSS written by people
who are technically experts at the underlying technologies, the
interfaces are written with the assumption that the users have the same
technical depth, which they don't more times than not.

I should add that there are also 3 choices in the frequency table for
none/IRC/HRC, so together with the qam-64, qam-128 and qam-256 choices,
I end up having 9 scans I have to do if I don't know beforehand which
standards my cable operator is using in this area.

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