[mythtv-users] Advice on re-doing my channels/capture cards

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Dec 16 14:34:43 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, December 15, 2010 04:26:38 pm Harry Devine wrote:

> I have the HD-PVR, an HDHR, and a pcHDTV-5500 card.  I can't get
> anything on the analog portion of the pcHDTV card without a converter
> box due to the "enhancements" (cough, cough), so I will have OTA
> channels on the pcHDTV card as well as the HDHR.  I know that I can
> do the "fetch channels from listing source" deal for the HD-PVR.

So your saying the pcHDTV can't tune the correct analog frequencies? 
That surprises me, you may not have the correct frequency table 
selected. A "converter" just translates frequencies, unless you mean one 
that has some sort of de-scrambling in it.

But having said that, the analog portion of a pcHDTV is a simple frame 
grabber, and requires software encoding. I'd try to find something like a 
PVR-150 that has on-board mpeg encoding, but if software encoding is 
working for you I guess it's OK. On-board encoding is also nice for 
things like VHS tape captures.

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