[mythtv-users] PVR-150 video quality problem

Mark A. Hoover mahoover at ispaceonline.org
Thu Dec 16 12:11:11 UTC 2010

> ------------------------------
> On 16/12/10 03:56, Mark Boyum wrote:
>>> You might try the baseband inputs, the trouble may be the tuners. It's
>>> likely not all 3 cards have the same tuner, Hauppauge used a lot of
>>> different ones. The cards may have different requirements for RF input
>>> level.
>>> dmesg will tell you what type tuners were detected.
>>> Also, some cards had FM tuners, some had remote receivers, some had IR
>>> transceivers, some were low profile, lots of variations of that card.
>>> Every now and then you run across one that needs manual module tweaking
>> As odd as this will sound, try shuffling them around in your system.
>> I had a pair of 150s and thought one was bad as it did the same as
>> yours.  But simply moving it to a different PCI slot resolved the
>> issue.
> PVR-150's also consume a fair amount of power from your PCI bus.  
> It's possible
> you may be overloading the bus and/or the power supply, and that only one of
> your cards has components that will work under those conditions.
> Try each card *separately* in your motherboard. If these all work, or two of
> them work, the next thing to do is swap out the power supply for a  
> much beefier
> one. It doesn't have to be a permanent swap - just long enough to  
> prove a point.
> Having done that you will have a better idea which pieces of hardware are
> compatible with what, and proceed from there.

I'm seeing this same problem on a PVR-500 card.  Sometimes I can fix  
the problem by switching inputs, sometimes I can't.  I've also found  
that regular images seem to work better, but if there's any kind of  
video overlay (ie. a news ticker, a persons name, etc).

I had just figured that the card had gone bad and was actually  
thinking of getting a replacement of some sort, but after seeing this,  
I'm wondering if maybe it is something else.

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