[mythtv-users] IR Blaster not always changing channel

Christopher Kerr mythtv at theseekerr.com
Thu Dec 16 04:43:08 UTC 2010

On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 2:57 PM, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday, December 15, 2010 08:44:02 pm Chris Tepe wrote:
>> On mine I have the emitter taped to the IR extender that came with
>> the STB and taped over the ir port on the box itself.  since the
>> emitter box has an 1/8 jack for the emitter and the STB has an 1/8
>> jack for the extender.  Is it possible to just hard wire the two
>> together and eliminate the ir sender and receiver ends?
>> Chris
> Sounds like something I'd try, but I fry a lot of gear.
> But you really want to know what the voltage levels are, perhaps take a
> peek with a scope. It might work, or you might have to design a little
> one transistor buffer amp, maybe an emitter follower, to match things up.
> Or perhaps an OpAmp would work, something like a 741.

I'd think an optoisolator (which is nothing more than a little LED and
reciever in a sealed box anyway) would be appropriate.

- Chris

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