[mythtv-users] Problem playing last program before a channel stops broadcasting for the day (UK DVB-T)

Ian Armstrong mail01 at iarmst.co.uk
Wed Dec 15 18:50:14 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 15 December 2010, John Veness wrote:

> The best candidate channels to try this on are the ones that that page
> say "timeshares" with others, avoiding BBC Three and BBC Four as they
> often have a gap after the final program finishes before they switch to
> CBBC/CBeebies, e.g.:
> - CBBC Channel
> - CBeebies
> - Dave
> - Dave ja vu
> - Fiver
> - Five USA
> - Quest
> Can any UK DVB-T viewers successfully playback a recording of the final
> program of the day on any of those channels, with a few minutes added to
> the stop time? I cannot in 0.24, although I could in 0.22.
> Sorry to bang on about this, but before I raise a bug I would like to
> see a little more confirmation that it's not just me, or indeed, if
> anyone *can* playback such a recording, then it would be interesting to
> compare the differences between setups.

Still on 0.23-fixes here, but I did a test this morning with a short recording 
from both Community & BBC3 (BBC3 ends @ 5.30am). Both fail to play within 
mythtv, but can be played with both xine & mythtv.

I just did a test with CITV & the same happens. I was better prepared this 
time, so some more information.

I started the recording 5 minutes before CITV went off air. 2 minutes later I 
started playback on a frontend & paused it. I started playback on a second 
frontend, but didn't pause it. Both of these ran without problems. However 
when I attempted playback on a third frontend 1 minute after the station went 
off-air, playback failed. The two frontends that were already playing were 
fine & I could pause, unpause, and skip around the recording, but once I 
exited playback I could no longer restart it, with mythtv just showing a blank 
screen. As before, xine & mplayer can play the recording.


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