[mythtv-users] Failed to find any channel (DVB-S)

zito skeete zorionmartin at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 14 09:59:22 UTC 2010

Hi, I hope someone with similar problem or anyone with an idea drop
suggestions. I tried searching result from mythtv mailing lists and various
forums but did not turn up anything relevant to my problem.

I recently installed a Compro Videomate S350 DVB-S card and I was testing
it  with Mythtv 0.24 before going on to a full system later in the week, I
also have two other older capture devices, one PCI and one USB. I followed
the instruction for setting up DVB-S in this mythtv page:

Ran mythtv-setup and the first order of sequence I did was:
Capture card -> DiSEqC in the configuration of the capture card ->
"(Unconnected)" -> LNB from the list (switch, rotor, LNB) -> "Universal

The second sequence after removing the previous capture card configuration:
Capture card -> DiSEqC in the configuration of the capture card ->
"(Unconnected)" -> switch -> switch Type - DiSEqC, number of port 2 -> ESC
-> "(Unconnected)" -> LNB from the list (switch, rotor, LNB) -> "Universal

In both cases used these scan configuration: Freq = 10714000 pol= H symbol
rate = 22000000 FEC = 5/6 inversion = Auto and all I got were "Failed to
find any channel." pop-up message in Mythtv.

As of interest, the Compro Videomate S350 DVB-S card is detected fine on my
PC though it is detected as Compro Videomate T750, I loaded this card with
"options saa7134 card=169". Earlier I tested this card with Kaffeine - it
scanned all channels and it played fine.. The scans are all listed as
"BSkyB" not Freesat which is what I want. I live in a flat with shared
dishes so can only just plug in the satellite cable in one of the two feeds
on wall.

best regards,
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