[mythtv-users] Mailing list protocol [was: Mytharchive mysteries]

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 01:54:56 UTC 2010

On 13 December 2010 01:16, Christopher Kerr <mythtv at theseekerr.com> wrote:

> So what IS the correct protocol if you post a message to the list and
> it just falls off the face of the earth? It's happened to me before
> and I'm sure plenty of other users have experienced the same. In a
> modern threaded email client, a *bump* works just fine, but I guess
> one shouldn't make such assumptions - is it better to just post the
> question again if you haven't recieved a response after, say, 5 days?


I would check whether Gossamer received the post - if not repost the
message after a couple of days without a reply (with any extra
relevant info that has become available in the interim) in case it did
reach some readers who just hadn't responded quickly.

> [Also, is there a discussion somewhere about why a mailing list is
> better than a forum? Using Gmail basically turns this list into a
> forum, and I like that, but it seems like trying to drive a screw by
> using a fancier hammer]

Have you searched the list archives? It comes up from time to time.


> As for the "*2* days" thing, the only time I have to fiddle with
> MythTV is on the weekend. If I hit a brick wall and need help, and I'm
> still waiting for help come 1AM on Monday morning, my TV will be out
> of action for the next week. That's going to be unpopular, to say the
> least.

Never forget that you're relying on other users (many devs don't read
this list due to the s/n ratio) to help you in their own spare time.
Some do it for the love of it, others because they've been on the
other end of receiving help in the past. A desperate call for help may
be seen and acted on quickly, but nothing shuts down the chance of
help faster than demands for immediate help. It's only TV after all,
and most of us have better things to be doing.

Here are my tips:

i) Don't fiddle once it's working if it's /that/ important;
ii) Use #mythtv-users on irc.freenode.net if you're desperate for a
response (but clearly no guarantees);
iii) Consider using the mythtv-contractors list to hire a competent
MythTV admin for big problems if you need a solution.


Nick Morrott

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