[mythtv-users] Mailing list protocol [was: Mytharchive mysteries]

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 01:34:17 UTC 2010

> So what IS the correct protocol if you post a message to the list and
> it just falls off the face of the earth? It's happened to me before
> and I'm sure plenty of other users have experienced the same. In a
> modern threaded email client, a *bump* works just fine, but I guess
> one shouldn't make such assumptions - is it better to just post the
> question again if you haven't recieved a response after, say, 5 days?

Well, first off... a literal "*bump*" shows others:
1) that you are impatient
2) that you seem to be too lazy to write a sentence or two asking for
a status update
3) that you may have forgotten that you are pushing this message to
all subscribers

> [Also, is there a discussion somewhere about why a mailing list is
> better than a forum? Using Gmail basically turns this list into a
> forum, and I like that, but it seems like trying to drive a screw by
> using a fancier hammer]

I'm sure there has been.  The one thing to remember with mailing lists
is that it is a "push" technology, whereas forums are "pull"
technology-based.  Things like a pointless *bump* or replying to
someone quoting their huge long message just to add a one-liner like
"me too" at the bottom are generally highly frowned on in mailing
lists as all it does is lowers the signal-to-noise ratio on the list.

> As for the "*2* days" thing, the only time I have to fiddle with
> MythTV is on the weekend. If I hit a brick wall and need help, and I'm
> still waiting for help come 1AM on Monday morning, my TV will be out
> of action for the next week. That's going to be unpopular, to say the
> least.

Granted.  My point is to not expect instantaneous responses to a
public mailing list.  This is especially true during holidays (and the
preparations for them) as people tend to not be watching their
mailboxes as much during these times.  Simply because nobody has
replied to you in *insert arbitrarily short time period* is not a good
reason to devolve to screaming for attention.  Could be that your
response is coming soon.  Or maybe you needed to pose the question
better....  or maybe you need to try using IRC and see if you can't
get a more immediate answer.

> Just saying, sometimes you're in a hurry. (Not sure MythArchive falls
> into that category, though)

Your hurry should not become an good excuse to be demanding, etc :)
We have to remember that there is no expectation of real service on a
mailing list for and mostly composed of users of an open-source
project.  What help you get is on a "best efforts" basis by all, and
many people who could help aren't even on the list due to its
noisiness.  Adding more noise to the list won't help there, I'd bet.

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