[mythtv-users] Problems With TV_icons on multiple Frontends

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 00:52:07 UTC 2010

On 12 December 2010 07:20, Per Jørgensen <myth at pbj-design.dk> wrote:
> On 11-12-2010 21:00, Nick Morrott wrote:
>> On 11 December 2010 12:27, Per Jørgensen<myth at pbj-design.dk>  wrote:
>>> Hey Guys.
>>> I have a problem with getting tv_icons up and showing through LiveTV.
>>> I have This Setup:
>>> 1 MBE with 5Tunercards and no Frontend running. Running Mythweb and
>>> MySql.
>>> 4 FE running.
>>> 1 Zoneminder Server
>>> But I have downloaded etc tv_icons on MBE and setup it up and through
>>> TVguide I can see the different Icons, But when using the guide
>>> navigation
>>> through LiveTV - I cannot see the different TV-logos: - I'm only getting
>>> this error Using the arrowkeys during LiveTV:
>>> 2010-12-11 13:16:12.891 browsechanid: 2810 ->  5650
>>> 2010-12-11 13:16:12.999 MythUIHelper, Error:
>>> LoadScaleImage(tv2_dk.jpg)Unable to find image file
>>> 2010-12-11 13:16:20.386 [mp2 @ 0x7fc3917b1800]Header missing
>>> 2010-12-11 13:16:20.387 AFD Error: Unknown audio decoding error
>>> How come I cannot see the image - or is it just in the wrong format. I'm
>>> sure the icons are in /root/.mythtv/channels - since I've Rsync'd and
>>> tried
>>> almost everything else. Chmod chown etc -  I can see the images on
>>> Mythweb
>>> interfacet, I can see the images in the planning-guide, but not when
>>> changing channels in LiveTV!
>>> Allthough the only special tricks otherwise is on the MBE the service is
>>> runned by root and on every frontend etc - the user are myth. - Could it
>>> be
>>> these settings that are wrong - since this never been a problem before -
>>> untill upgrading to 0.24!
>> As of 0.24, I understand that the frontend OSD (unlike the EPG)
>> requires channel icons to be available locally at the location stored
>> in the DB. Future plans are for the channel icons to be made available
>> through the backend's internal file transfer support directly.
>> I suggest reading Mike Dean's post below:
>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/287337#287337
>> and ensuring that your frontends have channel icons available locally
>> (either on the local filesystems or through a network mount) at the
>> same path as the backend. Although the default behaviour is to store
>> that icons at ~/.mythtv/channels/ you might find it easier to store
>> the icons somewhere user-agnostic like /usr/share/mythtv/channels/ or
>> similar.
> Normally my setup is running through NFS - so it should be possible to
> change that path.
> Normally As I can see MythTV looks through ~/.mythtv/channels to look for
> Icons.
> So taken from the article:
> Couldn't I just create a Storagegroups for icons and creating under
> /storage/pictures/tv_icons and change the path where MythTV should look -
> But where can I change that path?

Please don't top-post on this list. I've attempted to correct it in this reply.

Use the channel editor (mythtv-setup or MythWeb) to check your icon
paths and update the paths (or mount points on your frontends) as
necessary. I don't think icons are storage-group-aware yet (a dev can
correct me here) so you'll still need to have identical paths on all
frontends per the link above.


Nick Morrott

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