[mythtv-users] MythBuntu Frontend Not Connecting (Unknown socket closing)

jmk jmk at foofus.net
Sat Dec 11 20:56:21 UTC 2010


I recently had a failing drive in my Gentoo-based Myth backend. I've
purchased replacement drives and decided to just build a new Ubuntu
Server 10.10-based backend on them. I've installed everything and
imported a dump of the previous MySQL database from before the drive
crash. The backend now starts fine and my Mac and Gentoo frontends work.
Unfortunately, my MythBuntu primary frontend will not connect.

Both the Ubuntu Server and MythBuntu hosts are running the same version
of Myth:
MythTV Version   : df2d58b
MythTV Branch    : fixes/0.24
Network Protocol : 63
Library API      : 0.24.20101129-1
QT Version       : 4.7.0

On the backend, I see only the following logged when the MythBuntu
frontend connects:
2010-12-11 14:49:27.095 MainServer, Warning: Unknown socket closing

On the frontend, I see:
2010-12-11 14:49:26.834 Using localhost value of mythfe
2010-12-11 14:49:26.834 Clearing Settings Cache.
2010-12-11 14:49:26.835 MCP::DefaultUPnP() - No default UPnP backend
2010-12-11 14:49:26.835 Testing network connectivity to ''
2010-12-11 14:49:26.835 Launching: ping -t 3 -c 1
>/dev/null 2>&1
2010-12-11 14:49:26.837 PID 1953: launched
2010-12-11 14:49:26.837 Starting reaper thread
2010-12-11 14:49:26.938 PID 1953: exited: status=0, result=0
2010-12-11 14:49:26.938 MythSocket(7fd608000d20:10): new socket
2010-12-11 14:49:26.938 MythSocket(7fd608000d20:10): attempting
connect() to (
2010-12-11 14:49:26.939 MythSocket(7fd608000d20:10): state change Idle
-> Connected
2010-12-11 14:49:26.939 MythSocket(7fd608000d20:10): DownRef: -1
2010-12-11 14:49:26.939 MythSocket(7fd608000d20:10): state change
Connected -> Idle
2010-12-11 14:49:26.939 MSocketDevice::close: Closed socket 10
2010-12-11 14:49:26.939 MythSocket(7fd608000d20:-1): delete socket
2010-12-11 14:49:26.939 Clearing Settings Cache.
2010-12-11 14:49:26.964 New DB connection, total: 1

I've initially tried alternate LocalHostName values on the frontend,
thinking a "new" frontend may have better luck. I'm at a loss why the
other two frontend ends function fine, but this one will not connect.

Any suggestions?

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