[mythtv-users] Interesting Reading: Windows Secrets reviews AppleTV and GoogleTV

Atlanta Geek atlantageek at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 20:48:20 UTC 2010

I like flash myself. but then again I am an Adobe Flex developer so I would.
And Mac's Core2 Duo does pretty well with flash.

I originally started with an ION system but at the time Hulu was more
important than Myth.  I didnt have my myth system up yet and we watch
However I went through a lot of frustration with huludesktop and
Remote controls and then when I finally had everything working I took
the ION system to my brand new 1080p TV and watched it stutter.

I agree that $700 does buy a lot of PC these days.  But there really
is a lack of Out-of-the box HDMI/IR PCs out there running something
along the lines of a Core 2 Duo. And the Mac is surprisingly quiet.
Much quieter than the ION system.

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 2:16 PM, jedi <jedi at mishnet.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 09, 2010 at 02:04:53PM -0500, Atlanta Geek wrote:
>> I'm not an apple fanboy. I dont own an iphone (That works anyway) but
>> I do love my 2010 Mac mini.
>> I havent found anything else that can compete as well as a
>> huludesktop/setop machine for the price. And it doesnt run windows.
>    So how do you manage the whole soul-suckage of Flash then?
>    Hulu doesn't use the new Flash accleration features.
>    However, once it does than any ION running Linux should be more
> than adequate dealing with Hulu. Who knows when that might be though...
>> I tried 0.23 on the box but the remote did not work with it.  0.24 has
>> a fix but I'm reluctant to upgrade.
>> I guess the point is that with the mac mini (And now even the ipad)
>> Apple is becoming a good value player.
>    I dunno. $700 buys a lot of box these days.
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