[mythtv-users] Another lirc issue

Eric Sharkey eric at lisaneric.org
Thu Dec 9 19:04:21 UTC 2010

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Jarod Wilson <jarod at wilsonet.com> wrote:
>> Using a Harmony remote, don't think that matters.   Fedora 14.  Only the latest kernel,, seems to break anything.  If I run irw I see about 60% of the keys on the remote don't register anything regardless of how many times I press them.  A portion of the ones that do, seem to take several presses.

I've been running into similar problems on Debian.  I'm using the
2.6.36 kernel packages in Debian's experimental repository with
un-released 0.9.0-pre1 LIRC packages I compiled from the Debian
maintainers' svn tree.  Testing with an mceusb receiver I've never
used before, I found that key presses are extremely unreliable.  irw
will report the correct button press about 75% of the time if I press
them slowly (pausing about 1 second between presses), but it's not
really usable as a remote like this.  I'm using the standard
lircd.conf that ships with lirc for mceusb remotes.


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