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Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Thu Dec 9 18:16:59 UTC 2010

On 12/9/2010 12:05 PM, Brian Wood wrote:
> New ideas in communications always seem to lead to bizarre
> implementations. Initially the telephoning of Operas and other musical
> performances was seen as the way to riches, the idea of two-way
> conversations only came later, after a method of charging for it was
> developed.

I still sit back and contemplate the whole push to Digital.

It's really been kind of a circus...

I honestly have always been happy with analog TV because of the content more
than the presentation. If the show sucks, I don't watch it. If the show is awesome,
my imagination does more for my enjoyment than sometimes a little snow on the screen.

So I sit back and I watch the US/FCC grope and groan to figure out HD/Digital TV over the last 20+ years
and I muse at the fact that what really seemed to start pushing the adoption was Sports.

Maybe the sports folks finally had all the equipment to actually record in HD... but then I look at how a lot of shows used the 16:9 framing to show all sorts of info-streamers and station specs.. so whatever.

I still wonder (with a mild chuckle) at what really made HDtv go forth and how happy folks like ComCast must be to finally
be able to dump analog (for single digital freq - multi station combo abilities to they can roll out Xfinity -- while lying to us that the goverment made them do it. Hahahahah - but I digress).

If everyone was given SDTV, would they be happy? Did the sports fans just buy into the hype?

Are the media makers finally happy cause the analog hole is closing? Did they push it? (Let's convince the sports fans first.
They NEED HD, then the rest will follow -- especially with the FCC push.)

Not that HD isn't nice... but I would never buy the equipment if the analog stuff wasn't going away.

You guys get the idea. Makes ya wonder, doesn't it? Maybe I've become too much a conspiracy theorist.


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