[mythtv-users] Combining Standard Directories and Storage Groups for encrypted iso support

David Cramblett david at functionalchaos.net
Wed Dec 8 23:13:28 UTC 2010

I setup some storage groups when I noticed that mythweb required them
in .23 and it seemed that this would be the direction for mythtv in
the future anyways.  Most of my videos are iso images and I think most
of them are unencrypted as well (thus supported by storage groups in
.24).  However, I want to make sure that all my iso movies will work
on any front end.  After reading some other posts and the wiki, I just
want to confirm I am preceding in the correct manner.

My plan is to change my old NFS mount for my videos directory on my
front ends (that matched the standard video directory on my back end)
to a different path (so it doesn't match the new storage group
directory path) and then add that new NFS mounted path to
"Directories that hold videos" under  Utilities/Setup->Setup->Media
Settings->Video Settings->General on each frontend.

Will this accomplish my goal?



David Cramblett

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