[mythtv-users] Options for Backing up Myth data

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Dec 6 22:12:50 UTC 2010

On Monday, December 06, 2010 02:26:46 pm Brent Norris wrote:
> My plan has been to put another low power machine out in an
> unattached garage that is connected by WIFI.  Set the BIOS to wakeup
> at say 1am and run an rsync of my backend files to a RAID1 or RAID0
> set of discs, send me an email and then power off the machine.
> All you would have to pull is changes, it would have fairly small
> power draw across the 24h day and if something kersplodes it is your
> backup so you should be able to get it back up and going before
> something goes wrong in real life.

Sounds like a potential job for an NSLU2, except they don;t have BIOS 
that would allow waking at a specific time, but with about a 6 watt draw 
(not counting any drives), it's pretty efficient.

I have a few of the NSLU2s (aka slugs), I'm using them for storage to 
replace a dual-Opteron machine I was using, and I really notice the 
difference in my power bills.

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